Physical Therapist
As a physical therapist and owner of an outpatient physical therapy clinic, I recognize the value of a product that allows me to provide the highest quality health care for my patients. I have been using the I-Form system in my clinic since January 2007 and have seen great success with my patients.  The I-Form affords me and my staff, the versatility of an entire gym in a small footprint that can be utilized for a wide range of therapeutic exercises. Our patients appreciate the variety of exercises, the implementation of technology, and the progress tracking. Our therapists and athletic trainers love the versatility of the independent cables allowing true functional training as well as supporting a variety of approaches and protocols.

In addition to the versatility of the exercise capabilities of the machine, it is also integrated with an Apple iPad via wifi to the Internet to provide outstanding management and documentation of exercise interventions. Therapists can design a therapeutic exercise program over a password protected Internet connection. The therapist or patient can then access the program on the machine. The I-Form will then guide the patient through the program on the iPad. The I-Form documents every functional exercise the patient does including the date, time, sets, reps, weight, and progress eliminating the need for manual records.. This documentation can be printed and included in the patient’s file. At our clinic, we utilize this feature to facilitate step down programs, group activities, corporate wellness, and preventative therapies.

Sean M Fitzgerald MPT, PRC


Personal Trainer:
“During the 30 years that I have been a Personal Sports and Fitness Trainer, I’ve seen the gamut of fitness equipment.  Never has one machine had the quality, flexibility and advanced technology that IFORM offers. It satisfies all the needs of both novice and professional for complete functional strength training with instruction, guided progression, motivation and accountability. My clients are amazed at the ease of use and the unlimited exercise variations. I love how IFORM allows me to adapt and personalize each client’s program and track their progress. I use four IFORMs  in my personal training studio allowing me to provide individual or multiple client training. IFORM is truly the World’s Most Advanced Strength Training System!”

Geri McGurk  BS, CPT


Over the past 25 years of practice, I have continually strived to bring into the practice new quality products, technology, and programs to enhance the quality of care we provide for our patients. The I-Form provides a progressive training system that simulates not only concentric and eccentric muscle training, but it also incorporates the proprioceptive system.  The I-Form encourages large results in just a little space. A multitude of components provide tools to exercise and rehabilitate all parts of the body, including core and proprioception.

Kathleen D. Baumgardner, DC, DACBSP


Professional Boxer
“The I-Form plays a big role in my training camp. I depend on it for the strength and cardio-vascular conditioning I need to be at my peak in the ring.”

Bill Corrigan
Former top ranked heavyweight champion