The world’s most advanced strength training system is now lower-cost and even better!
The i-Form II has evolved and so has its technology. It’s like having a personal trainer always on call.

New advantages with i-Form II and the iPad:

  • i-Form II is functionally 7 machines at only the cost of  2 single station machines.

It can be used by personal trainers in a number of profitable ways:

  • Use it simply as a space saving machine that performs as 7 machines.
  • To provide one-on-one personal training.
  • To offer a lower cost alternative to normal rates of one-on-one training. This can be done by using the virtual training mode to train two clients at the same time.
  • Use it as a virtual trainer once a client is familiar with the machine and the personal trainer has set up a routine for the client.
  • The i-Form tracks your client’s workout and records everything that the client does.
  • It provides a personalized workout for each client that is set up by the trainer. The routines are progressive and will change as the client advances.
  • iPad greatly simplifies the original i-Form I and allows for a significant price reduction.

Already in use by leading fitness organizations who have already proven how well the
i-Form II works; now you must find out for yourself.