A quick glance will tell you that the i-Form II is different – a strength training system, ergonomically designed, with advanced functional features. i-Form II is quite obviously sleek, rugged, results-oriented, user-friendly “hardware”. But the feature that will please you most is not apparent. Through a dedicated Internet connection, i-Form II delivers personalized training programs structured to chart your progress, get optimal results, and meet your goals. The I-Form is a progressive training system. Through a series of routines, modified periodically, the I-Form will transform your body and measure your results. i-Form II is quite literally like having your own personal trainer on call 24/7!

i-Form II brings you programmed routines that are based on a simple –but often overlooked – fact. What you want from a strength training program is unlikely to be what another user wants. What’s your objective? Overall fitness? Conditioning for a particular sport? Development of abs or arms, back or chest, legs or shoulders? A corresponding i-Form II program will tell you how many sessions are necessary, the ideal number of weekly workouts, and even keeps track of your rest periods. While you’re working out, i-Form II displays your exercises, sets and reps on the iPad. When you’re through, I-Form remembers the weights you used and records your achievements.

Then you choose another level or create your own routine.

Take a look at conventional strength training systems. As a rule, what was good enough 20 years ago is good enough now. But fresh thinking and imaginative engineering gives i-Form II a multitude of features that put it — and you — way ahead.

Among them:

  • Integrated with the latest Apple iPad and approved app
  • Quick Start Menu lets infrequent users choose a base conditioning, sports conditioning, or strength training
    routine; then “jump right in”
  • You set a goal, i-Form II suggests the best routine
  • i-Form II tracks all of your specific exercises including reps, sets, and weights
  • i-Form II submits training history to a portal for access by user, trainer or physical therapist
  • System suggests next exercise, reminds you of last weight used, records your increase in strength over time
  • Training videos present 120 exercises
  • i-Form portal will display your previous routines, permits your choice of routines based on fitness level


  • Robust, 3mm steel commercial quality structure
  • Integrated leg press built into seat… no expensive add-ons needed
  • Cables and swivel arms – proven superior – allows freedom of motion
  • Unique weight stack placement – accessible from seated position
  • Fluid, real-life movements
  • Encourages user progress